Cal Twomey & Iba Sirviö created a new mood for Sunday in Just Another Bar, 28.4.2024

Cal Twomey & Iba Sirviö created a new mood for Sunday in Just Another Bar, 28.4.2024

First time writing a review. This Sunday suddenly got inspiring for many people, me included. Lots of artists and musicians showed up from the underground to enjoy the acoustic performances of this fun-loving duo with big hearts.

Just Another Bar in Hämeentie 23, right in the heart of the famous “Curve”. 

On Sunday 28.4. we were blessed by acoustic performances of Iba Sirviö from the Afternoon Astronauts & Cal TwomeyIreland’s newest hit maker from the indie-groups Faraway Shapes and Trio Grande & The Tex-Mex Restaurant.

”Howdy folks! To anybody in the Helsinki area interested in having two lads sing and play guitar at you for a few hours, you are cordially invited to Just Another Bar Hämeentie for a nice Sunday night of tunes and laughs!

Joining me on this particular evening is the hard-rockin’ Astronaut himself, Mr Iba Sirviö, who will be showing a softer side and gracing your ears with a few acoustic favourites of his.” -Cal Twomey

The bar’s environment..

People filling crosswords, creating sketches, having a drink or two, or just enjoying the comfy atmosphere, surrounded by the works of some local artists. Decent prices on menu, that also includes mocktails. Auto-correct tried to change that.

People sharing compliments with each other. If you don’t feel like smiling, people will smile for you, too. It spreads easily here, also outside the bar. Arriving here a bit noddy, many people asked how I was doing.

“I’ve felt better”.

Iba Sirviö had already started his set with Guns ‘n’ F*cking Roses’ “Patience”, which made me nod even more. That’s the tune that Izzy Stradlin wrote for Angela Nicoletti, who later became Andy McCoy’s ex-wife, nowadays an i n d e p e n d e n t artist.

Iba’s journey as a singer has gained new & higher levels with Hannes Kett’s (the frontman of Shiraz Lane) vocal coaching.

Iba, usually defying gravity with his party rocking band Afternoon Astronauts, knows how to have fun on stage on his own, too. Tonight he had found a perfect place to share his love for country music. It’s OUR damn country!

Cody Jinks’ “Loud and Heavy” along with Jamey Johnson’s “In Color”.. Dang it!

Almost managed to shed a tear in my beer there.

Some homage was also paid for Lost Society, Palaye Royale, Linkin Park etc. Those were Iba’s takes on the harder side. 

Chasing the monsters away for y’all, y’know. Most of the set contained quite gloomy takes with taste for more minor chording. No wonder “the Ol’ Papa Bear” loves to give big hugs to everyone outside the stage.

We also heard new solo-material, live for the first time. Iba’s been singing that song only a couple of times during the years since he wrote it.

I’ve told the band to get to the studio as soon as possible, they’re an up and coming hard rock band that shouldn’t play the same old set all over again. 

They’ve taken it to notice, thankfully. After his gig Iba told me that they went to record a new banger last Thursday. 

Iba’s set list reveals a fluent capo player.

Feeling better.

Up next was Cal Twomey. Started the set bravely with Bowie, with some improvised lyrics about a broken mike. The ice had been broken. Cal sure knows the art of witty humor with great timing.

“Why is everyone so hazy, or am I just going crazy? Shit.” -Cal

“Marmalade Eyes” by the Tex-Mex Lads was a jangly follow-up. Great songwriting means that the tune can carry itself with only 6- or 12 strings, with a little help from friends, of course.

The speakers rattled through these gigs, but our performers had helpers around with these sudden electrified bursts. Cassu from Afternoon Astronauts got many thank yous during the course of events. Both Cal and Iba were being careful with their low-ends. 

Cal played some Beatles, along with Paul McCartney’s Solo stuff.

“Why do the Beatles got haters? Who really hates the Beatles?”

That’s a good question. 

It seems that the Macca is Cal’s favourite from The Fab Four, yet he played us “Norwegian Wood ”, a classic by that bratty scoundrel Lennon.

Record labels, check this out. World class. 

One great song was about grandparents and memories, like being a kid again. For such a young age Cal captures the struggles of many middle-agers dealing with their parents suddenly changing. That’s what I think I heard. Keep in mind I’m not always a reliable narrator.

Going through the motions.

Mellow 12-string playing through dreams and highways. Made me think about a lot of.. stuff. 

Lots of laughing together, people sharing joy and silence together. Another round of cheerful applause.

One freshly blurted song called ”öööögh”. Future live favourite there.

Feeling even better.

Saw local artist Vilma Visakoivu drawing a sketch of this lovely fellow from Cork. You’re lucky If she’s at your gig. Gig photos can be boring. Vilma sketches the gigs. That’s an unique approach, and a great honor from an artist with her own, unique style.

Cal looked like Joxter or Snufkin from the moomins here. Everyone loves Snufkin! / Vilma Visakoivu, 2024

Then some Elliott Smith. Heard someone ask “You wanna make me cry?” from the front row.

Playing “Dancer in the Night” by Star Marcs. One of the greatest compliments a songwriter and a musician can receive is your song getting covered by someone else. I think it was just something that Jaakko Mäkiniemi aka ”Jaska” (the writer of that song, also present here) needed. 

Simple message – It’s getting better. We get through this. Alone and together, or..

Anyway, inspiring and relaxing environment on Sunday, with me and my Bobby M’Gee. Whoo!

Feeling good is easy here.

As a performer Cal gives people what they want. Not always what you expected, but just what you needed.

I don’t mind repeating myself here.

We wanted Tim Buckley’s “Once I was”. We got it. I can sleep my nights well knowing that the younger generation has found this strung out American folk-hero. His son Jeff grew to become more famous with his ”Grace”. Then he went swimming.

After the gig one of the younger hearts here said that Cal has this unique charisma, the kind that is very pleasant to witness. I told him that smoking is bad.

I hope that Just Another Bar could host events like this more often. Already got ideas for lots of acts and line-ups that could play here. I bet the neighbors wouldn’t mind, either. Cal had retreated backstage before I could ask for contact information. Everyone deserves privacy, hahhah.

Cal and Iba got our money, and this time it was like putting it in a bank. Suck it, Nordax, Norwegian and Aktia!

I’m feeling great now.