“Play always on maximum” – this is how you get to play on Obscene Extreme Festival in Czech

“Play always on maximum” – this is how you get to play on Obscene Extreme Festival in Czech

The year 2024 marks already the 25th anniversary of Czech extreme music festival OBSCENE EXTREME (OEF). Therefore RIEPU decided to ask for a short interview from the man behind the legendary event, Miloslav “Čurby” Urbanec.

Originally I planned to translate this short interview into our native language Finnish, but after trying out a quick translation with ChatGPT I decided to scrap the idea, because the translation lost quite a lot of the beauty and magick of Curby’s great answers.

So, if someone wonders questions about Finnish bands, then it’s just because I was trying to market OEF for Finnish audiences through this interview, but then I thought why should this interview be limited only for Finns, because after all OEF is an INTERNATIONAL festival! This is why this interview is in English, not Finnish. PERKELE!!

Understood? Great! So for now I shut myself up and give the word to Curby who took his time from his hugely busy schedule to answer my questions regarding OEF. So I guess we see all each other in the pit next week then, right? RIGHT!?!

You started OEF in 1999 to celebrate your birthday. Did it ever occur to you that it might grow in a way like this?
Haha, never ever, mate!!! It was simply mission impossible. Actually, I’m still very surprised we made it to the 25th anniversary this year!!! But we always had the passion for extreme music and it has not changed much since I was a young guy!!! I’ll celebrate my 50th birthday at OEF this year and I’m more than happy and satisfied where OEF is now!!! I believe we have a huge following in the scene and also respect as since the first volume we follow the DIY ethics, no sponsorship or any government or EU donations…

Picture from Curby’s personal collection in Facebook, from left Curby, unknown female friend and Keijo Niinimaa from Rotten Sound et al.

OEF has been noted by Vice as ”Europe’s craziest grindcore party” and by Czech Radio for its ”exceptionally tolerant and friendly atmosphere”. What do you see as the best parts of the festival?
– I think the vibe is totally relaxed and some people say it is like a mental spa for them haha!!! I can understand why, no one judges you, everyone has come to have party of their life and to meet old and to make new friends! It is a real feeling of freedom when you enter the Obscene Extreme gate and it is simply something you can feel in the air!!! It is the real treasure of OEF I guess!!!

What kind of attributes do you look out for when booking bands to OEF? How can a band improve its chances to be booked by you?
Well, I listen to a lot of records, watch lots of Youtube live videos, visit a lot of festivals all around the globe and also small club shows…I really like the whole process…the best thing is to see the band live that really kicks my ass as then it is easy for me to say ”This is the band for OEF!”. So, my advice for the bands – play always on maximum, like there’s no more sun coming up tomorrow because you never know who is watching you! Sometimes my friends recommend good new bands…for example a long time ago Shane Embury told me there’s a great grindcore band called NAILS and he was right! Also Danny Lilker or Bilos send their tips…

Over the years you have booked quite a few Finnish bands for OEF. Do you see something unique in Finnish bands that sets them apart from bands in other parts of the world, “a Finnish sound” so to speak?
Absolutely!!! My friendship with Finland goes way back to OEF 2000 when the mighty ROTTEN SOUND came to OEF for their very first international show and drove all the way from Vaasa to Trutnov and back in an old van!!! Something like 4000 km for one short grindcore gig! What a passion!!! They stole my heart!!! Since then we have met so many times, I even invited ROTTEN SOUND to be a headliner of our World Tour 2013 for the shows in Jakarta, Indonesia and Melbourne, Australia!!! I also organized headlining the European tour in 2002 for them! Such great and funny guys!!! Love them!!! There must be something in your water because you have so many great, weird and unique bands for such a small population!!! Even back then bands such as XYSMA or CONVULSE! Then INFERIA, DEMILICH, ABHORRENCE, DEMIGOD or ADRAMELECH!!! I love FEASTEM as well! What a punch in your face!!! And now it is GALVANIZER and lots of sick death metal bands coming from your country! What about KRYPTS or HOODED MENACE? And I must have forgotten lots of others!

The year 2024 marks the 25th anniversary for OEF. What kind of plans do you have for the future of OEF?
– Not many, mate! I just want to enjoy this year as much as I can!!! And then I definitely want to finish the Obscene Extreme book that will sum up all the 25 years of our festival!!!

The 25th anniversary of OBSCENE EXTREME FESTIVAL is happening in Trutnov, Czech Republic next week between wed-sun 3.–7th of July 2024. Tickets to this years event can be bought from the door for approx 194 euros, no one day tickets are available because it’s a full on 4-day grind core death metal hard core party, yeaaaaahhhhhrrrrggggghhh!!!

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